What is Sound Bath & Yoga?

We will encourage our relaxation physically, mentally, emotionally through Gentle/Restorative/Yin/Chair Yoga movement with breathing exercises followed by a sound bath with a guided meditation and visualizations. Through these harmonic sounds we will push away the distractions and anxiety of everyday life and we will embrace the present so that we can find a state of quiet inner peace.

Restorative Yoga & Sound Bath

Why Sound Bath & Yoga?

Yoga movement turns on your relaxation response. By focusing on your breathing and releasing tension in your muscles and joints through the poses, you’ll usher in a sense of calm.

The combination of focused breathing and yoga poses followed by a sound bath may stimulate the vagus nerve, triggering the parasympathetic nervous system and tamping down anxiety at the maximum level.

What kinds of Healing Instruments do I play?

I play the 7 Chakra Tibetan Full Moon Bowls, 7 Chakra Crystal Bowls, Chimes, Bells, Rain Stick, Ocean Drum, Wooden Flute, Gong, and more.

The harmony of the Tibetan bowls and Crystal bowls help guide you into a deep meditative state that releases stress, anxiety, and brings balance to your body, mind, and soul.