What is a Tibetan 7 Chakra Full Moon Singing Bowl Massage?

Tibetan singing bowls are marvelous instruments made of an alloy of metals that usually contain from five to seven precious metals, which are connected to the planets of our solar system: lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), mercury (Mercury), silver (the Moon) and gold (the Sun).  They have been used for sound healing and sound therapy for centuries. The noteworthy thing about these bowls is that they produce a rich variety of harmonies and vibrations that have the unique ability to stimulate us on a physical (relaxes the muscles, eases tension, etc.), energetic (increases our vital energy, releases stagnant build up, etc.) and mental level (transports us to a meditative state, opens emotional blocks, etc.) associated with the 7 chakra medians.

How it works?

Because our body is made up of approximately 60% water, sound vibrations from the singing bowls generate patterns at certain frequencies, allowing us to slip into a deep meditative and peaceful state of mind. This type of therapy has a type of energy that can reduce stress, pain, depression, and other forms of mental pressure. These vibrational harmonies also have the power to soothe aching muscles and relax tensed nerves in our physical bodies.

***However, this massage therapy may cause adverse effects on pregnant women, people suffering from thrombosis and serious vascular diseases, and those who have a pacemaker installed on their bodies. Please check with your doctor to see if this therapy could be right for you.***

What are the benefits?

A Tibetan Singing Bowls Massage can help you achieve a deep sense of well-being. Below are some possible benefits of having a Tibetan Singing Bowls Massage:

What to expect?

During a session Tibetan Singing Bowls are placed on different parts of the body while they are played.  Other bowls and various other instruments are also used in the session.  These are played surrounding the body to create varying notes and vibrations that wash over you.  Clients can choose to rest on a massage table or on a yoga mat during their session.  

Results can vary from a deep sense of relaxation, to relief from physical and/or emotional pain, a sensation of lightness as the body lets go of past emotional or physical issues. People react differently to the treatment. Some may fall asleep during the treatment, while others feel wide awake and even some feel as though they have drifted off to a higher level of consciousness. Different essential oils used in the treatment can affect how clients react. Lavender for relaxation, Orange for rejuvenation, Tea Tree for purification, and Eucalyptus for invigoration.

Is it for you?

A Tibetan Singing Bowls Massage is an alternative form of physical and emotional therapy that has its own sets of techniques and procedures.  Because of this, results may vary from person to person. The client is an equal participant in how the healing journey will go.  So if you are the type of person who is open to trying new unconventional things, then this is something you may be interested in trying out.