I wanted to do a sound therapy session to share a special moment with my baby while pregnant. Eunmi created such a spectacular experience for us. I would love to just make sound therapy a part of my life. The comfort and peace felt during/afterward is unparalleled. She is so kind and thoughtful- if you are thinking of doing sound therapy- do it with Eunmi!


Eunmi is so kind and caring.  She brings both professionalism and warmth to her classes which make taking them at any level comfortable and enjoyable.  I felt very at ease and relaxed after the sound bath. I am very connected to auditory meditation and auditory responses like ASMR so I found this workshop even more enjoyable. I enjoyed all aspects of this workshop. I even appreciated that when I was feeling chilly Eunmi was very in-tune and turned off the fans. I think it was helpful that at the beginning of the workshop she mentioned the location of extra props , so that if someone needed them throughout the session they could feel comfortable to utilize them if needed.


I feel deeply fortunate to have met Eunmi during a particularly difficult time in my life. I started attending her classes regularly and her compassionate and personable style of instruction gave me a way to get back in touch with myself in a spiritual and energetic sense, as well as through physical strength building, flexibility, and creative expression. The yoga flows that she designs are unique, thoughtful, dynamic and fun. Eunmi has been gracious enough to share her talents in sound bath meditation which create greater relaxation and peaceful introspection. Thank you Eunmi for your kindness and intentionality!

Nicola W.

Eunmi is an exceptional instructor and such an inspiring human. Through yoga, she has helped me gain strength on and off the mat, and she has given me some of my most treasured mantras. Her “you-can-do-it” messaging encourages students to bring their best effort during class, and her kind, nurturing spirit also makes space for reflection and mediation. I highly recommend her yoga classes and sound bath mediations!

Alli G.

Eunmi is the most phenomenal yoga teacher I have ever been privileged enough to practice with (in over 20 years of yoga hopping!)  I injured myself seriously enough to go to sports rehab for two years, but was unable to run or walk without pain.  On a whim, I decided to try yoga again, apprehensively.  But, I stumbled on Eunmi who listened, considered, and modified every pose for me so that I would not only not be in pain, but that I would heal.  Within months of attending Eunmi's class, I was running again. Eunmi's classes are always fun, challenging, and full of unexpected whimsical twists.

Patricia M.

I have been a student of Eunmi's since the beginning of 2020 when the world was full of fear and uncertainty for the future.  Eunmi's classes provided a beacon of hope, a refuge, as they continue to be today.  In her sessions I feel both at peace and regenerative of life.  Thank you, Eunmi.

Sara V.

Eunmi is the most unique, devoted, caring, thoughtful, consistent, talented yoga instructor I have ever come in contact with. Over the last 18 months she has helped me grow my practice, encouraged me to see the fullness of yoga and even inspired me to commit to yoga teacher training myself. When I am in town I typically take Eunmi's class at least once a week, often twice. Every single class, since March 2021, I am instructed to do something in yoga that I never did before. This inspires growth and a love for the journey. It keeps us challenged and explorative. Her sound baths are amazing experiences, the bowls she plays are melodic and enhance the experience, her demonstrations are crisp and clear, the workshops (like the one on arm balance) are structured and effective, and her demeanor is always welcoming and loving.  I highly recommend her classes.

Lee W.

Eunmi's thoughtful, creative teaching is the highlight of my week. I am always surprised, rejuvenated, challenged, and relaxed at the end of her classes - and I look forward to them every week! Truly a gifted instructor, and I can't recommend her classes highly enough.

Rebekah C.

Every aspect of Eunmi’s classes are wonderful! Her yoga sequences flow smoothly while pushing you to new limits, her sound baths are healing and calming and her words during classes are inspiring. I always come out of her classes feeling elevated and at ease.

Leslee F.

I had an incredible experience doing Eunmi’s sound bath. I had such a relaxing experience and was able to get in touch with myself and my body. I left feeling lighter and more centered.

Samantha S.

I've taken yoga on and off for the last 3 years or so in CC. My partner and I just took a private lesson with Eunmi--she was extremely thoughtful and considerate and the session was very personalized for each of us.  It was definitely one of the most relaxing and physically and mentally restorative sessions we've had. We can't wait for the next session!

Melissa H.

I’m 65 and have little experience with yoga. I also have a host of prior sports injuries. Eunmi’s approach was extremely thoughtful, meditative and restorative. She is kind and considerate. I look forward to continuing with her.

Stephen K.

Eunmi is one of my favorite teachers in the class and her sound bath healing . Eunmi puts all of energy into making you feel comfortable and good by the end of the class or workshop.. sadly , I do not get to her area as often as I wish I could .. Thank you for your special spirit !

Robert L.

I have taken Eunmi's sound baths at Lumos Yoga and Barre. She leads you through a relaxing and grounding experience. I highly recommend it!

Sheri O.

Such a sincere and unique approach to Yoga. She provides a great workout, but also a serene atmosphere at the same time.

Sarah K.

Eunmi is one in a million - every class is so thoughtful and unique. Her classes are inspiring and magical, she gives you the feeling you hope to feel after yoga. It's everything transformative.

courtney P.

Eunmi knows what it means to guide and help people with yoga. She considers the thoughts of everyone taking her class. She goes out of her way to know that people are feeling comfortable and exercised under her instruction. Thank you teacher. Eunmi  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

Alexander O.

Eunmi is a phenomenal instructor for yogis of any and all skill levels. Eunmi taught remote yoga sessions (due to Covid) for a corporate event my company sponsored and it was a great experience for all. She is talented, professional, and excellent at guiding inspirational sessions. HIGHLY recommend!

Emma J.

Eunmi intentionally creates a comfortable and nurturing atmosphere for all practitioners in the room. Her voice, cues, and choice of words help get you to a place of peace in the mind where you can genuinely cultivate self-compassion and the feeling of rejuvenation. I would recommend Eunmi's classes to anyone- experience or no experience. I am so lucky to have met Eunmi!

Jule L.

So relaxing and peaceful! And Eunmi is the nicest person, she makes everyone feel so welcomed. :)

Elizabeth O.